About Us

In remote areas of China, 1 in 5 children suffer from myopia but do not have access to proper eye care. As a result, many of them suffer in school and are unable to live up to their full potential. With the proceeds of your purchase, we will not only donate a pair of prescription glasses, but will also contribute to fund eye examinations for children affected by the condition. In the long run, their future earnings will increase by 20%.



Our Story

While teaching in a small village in the Yunnan province, we discovered many students lacked access to prescription eyeglasses, hindering their success in school. In response, we founded Education in Sight, a non-profit organization dedicated to tackling the sight problem. To date, EIS has administered over 280,000 eye exams and donated over 37,750 pairs of glasses to students in need.

Buy 1, Give 1

Mantra was founded in order to further our progress in solving the urgent issue of poor vision that affects 30 million students in rural China. Our "Buy One, Give One" concept is simple: for every pair of sunglasses we sell, we donate a pair of prescription glasses to a student in need in rural Yunnan. 

Find Your Mantra

At an affordable cost, Mantra sunglasses help protect your vision and save someone else's. We spend months perfecting each unique, quality frame inspired by Yunnan. Our in-house designs and American-sourced materials enable us to create one-of-a-kind, high-quality sunglasses, which let you look good while also doing good.


Impact Since 2012...

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Look Good, Do Good. Find your Mantra today.